Student Ethics Review & Registration Site (UU-SER)

Protocol examples of exempt

On this page you can find which questions are being posed in UU-SER about your project. You can fill out the application through UU-SER itself.

These questions you have to fill in in all protocols:

Please note: the protocols on this websites are examples of exempted review. If you answer the questions in UU-SER for the specific protocol differently your project is being reviewed by the FERB. It takes about approximately two weeks before your project will be approved. 

No data of individual participants
(e.g. simulated data, meta-study (systematic review of published studies), aggregated data, theoretical questions (no empirical data)

No attachments are needed when applying for approval for no data of individual participants.

Existing Data

Attachments you will have to prepare when applying for approval for existing data:
Attachments required for existing data

New Data Collection

First question will be if you are working on an FERB or METC approved project or research line:
Protocol FERB approved research line

If this is not the case you will have to fill out the questions of the protocol which applies to your research project:

Attachments you will have to prepare when applying for approval for new data collection:
Attachments required for new data collection

Starting points for drafting a Data Transfer Agreement in student research